From The Author
By: Thomas M. Wasley III

  This all started as a little project and grew, and grew and grew.........
  My intention was to document what I can now, because I was afraid when I become old and gray, that I wouldn't be able to tell my kids about the family lineage.
  I started poking around, asking questions, even getting a few people to sit down with me while I entered data in to the computer. Thanks go out to them, you know who you are.
  The software I used to help put all this together is called Generations and can be found just about any where for aroud $30 if memory serves. It's a good program. I can't compare it with any others as it's the only one I have used but I do recomend it.
  I hope that whoever happens to see this project, enjoys it and will send me any more information they may have available. I can add just about anything on an individual that you would like from Military service to their favorite passtime.
  So please, sit back and take a look around. And remember, This can only grow with your help.
     Thank You,
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